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  • Arms
  • Under Arms
  • Full Legs
  • Half Legs
  • Front Full
  • Bikni
  • Hip
  • Full Body

If you are struggling to remove the unwanted hair from your body, visit our salon to remove the unwanted hair. You might feel tempted to shave the hair on an emergency, but shaving is never a good option. Shaving makes hair grow back faster. If you want a skin-friendly hair removal service, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with us for the same.
We make the waxing process less painful. You can pick any of the waxing services, and we will ensure to remove the body hair from roots so that it grows back slowly.


  • Eye Brow
  • Upper LIP
  • Forehead/CHIN
  • Full Face

The best part about threading is that it doesn’t require the use of any unwanted chemicals. Threading is popular among ladies, and it makes your face look clean and beautiful. Eyebrow threading, in particular, makes your face looks beautiful because the beautician gives the exact eyebrow shape that you are looking for. We offer affordable threading services to all our customers. Contact us if you need a threading service.

Hand and Feet

  • Sugar Candy Manicure
  • Sugar Candy Pedicure
  • Crystal Manicure
  • Crystal Pedicure
  • Lotus Manicure
  • Lotus Padicure

Your hands and feet are an essential part of your body. Just like you take care of your face, your hands and feet need your care and attention too. That’s why you should go for manicure and pedicure service that will make your feet and hands look nice and healthy. Through manicure and pedicure, you can enhance the wellbeing of your nails as well.


  • Face
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Front
  • Back
  • Full Body

Every woman wants to look good on a daily basis, and when it comes to their wedding, they want to make sure that they are looking nothing less than a diva. If you want to be sure your face doesn’t look dull and oily on your wedding day, or you are someone who generally is very particular about their face, you should go for bleach. We can do bleach on your full face, arms, legs, back, and all over the body. Let the experts take care of you so that you can look ravishing.

Oil Massage

  • Coconnut Head Massage
  • Olive Head Massage
  • Almond Head Massage

With regular oil head massage, your scalp remains conditioned, and it prevents dryness and itchiness as well. Head massage promoted blood circulation and relaxed you. Finally, it promotes new hair growth.


    • Basic Hair Spa
    • Mythic Ritual (For Dry and Damage Hair)
    • Beer Spa
    • Keratine Spa
    • Bed Head Spa (According to Hair)
    • Dandruff Treatment

    When it comes to keeping your hair shiny, make sure that you go for a regular spa. Spa conditions your hair and nourishes the roots. It makes your hair dandruff free and makes it look lustrous. Finally, with the regular spa, you will get rid of frizzy hair as well.

Repairing Treatment

  • Keratine
  • Ola-plex or Fiber Plex
  • Repaire Treatment (For Dry & Damage Hair)

Your hair goes through a lot of stress daily. It gets exposed to pollution, heat styling, and whatnot. Your hair needs some pampering too to avoid severe hair damage. Call us for hair repairing treatment and get back the lost shine of your long locks.


    • Rebounding
    • Smoothing

    Here at Arpita Arora, we are also trained at doing rebounding and smoothing. If you want your hair to look frizz-free, book an appointment with us now, and the experts will take care of your hair.