Meet Arpita Arora
Top Makeup Artist in Ludhiana

Arpita Arora, a name that shines through in the make-up industry. Arpita hails from Ludhiana and is a professional make-up artist. With her in-depth knowledge and expertise about the beauty industry, she can transform any woman’s face into a diva with the touch of her magical fingers.

Her passion for make-up landed her at the London College of Make-up, where she learned the art of make-up. Not just this, Arpita Arora also holds a professional certification in skincare from Dermalogica. This enables her to provide the perfect make-up routine along with best-quality skincare solutions that will let the skin shine from deep within.

Her sophisticated and classy persona clearly reflects through her make-up art that makes heads turn. Arpita leaves no stone unturned to transform any woman look gorgeous.


Shine like a star on Your Wedding Day

Meet the best wedding make-up artist in Ludhiana

Finally, your dream of becoming a bride is coming true. It’s an auspicious and an extremely special day for you. We know that you would like to look absolutely stunning and flawless on your wedding. This is why you need the magical touch of Arpita’s hands who will use her expertise to make you look breathtakingly beautiful. With the touch of her make-up brush, Arpita will swiftly and professionally do your make-up that will not only make you look beautiful but will make you picture-perfect as well.

She pays close attention to the skin type of the bride as well so that she can use the right kind of skin care solutions on your face that will blend in beautifully without making your skin feel irritated or uncomfortable. She also pays utmost attention to the occasion and likewise puts on make-up accordingly. She has worked for many years now and has the right knowledge to blend in the right make-up that will match your skin tone.

Whether you want a subtle and traditional look, or you are looking for a more natural or else a contemporary look, she can handle all kinds of make-up routines.


Take a look at some of Arptia’s work

Being in the make-up industry for so long, Arpita knows the intrinsic detail one looks for when it comes to bridal makeovers. She is the one that can let you stand out in the crowd and give you that show-stopper look that you desire.

Call her for your pre-wedding, wedding, or pre-wedding make-up, and she will ensure to reach the venue on time. If you want your face to be touched by only a pair of professional hands, you have got to book an appointment with Arpita to make you look one of a kind. She knows how to accentuate your look. She reads your face like a textbook and starts working on it step-by-step and make you look glamorous in no time.

Some of her professional services include- bridal make-up, nail services, hair styling and caring, party make-up, airbrush make-up, and at the venue make-up services.

Why choose Arpita Arora?

When it comes to bridal make-up, you must always choose a professional!

  • Arpita has learned the art of make-up from none other than the London college of Make-up.
  • Arpita has worked with a wide range of brides and bring expertise to the table when it comes to make-up.
  • We use only skin-friendly beauty products that will suit your face. Some of the brands that we use are Mac, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, Chanel, Anastasia, and more.
  • Once you choose us for bridal make-up services, rest assured, you will get a comprehensive package that will include make-up service starting from pre to post-wedding functions.
  • We can take care of up to 20 family and friends’ make-up as well.
  • We offer value for money make-up services, and you can count on us.
  • The make-up that we will do for you will transform you into a princess that you wish to be.

Note: Once you book a booking for a make-up service, we reserve the right to cancel the booking a month prior to any emergency reasons. Rest assured, your money will be refunded